About us


The need


The state of Oaxaca Mexico is a fascinating tapestry of indigenous cultures, but Oaxaca remains one of Mexico's poorest states. Many of its inhabitants live in dire poverty and survival often depends on the youngest members of the family selling trinkets to tourists on the street. For the poorest of Oaxaca's children, completing an education is a difficult dream to attain.


How we help

  • We are a need based and comprehensive program for children and young adults that gets them off the street and provides the opportunity to attend school and gain the skills necessary to be successful and to contribute to their society
  • We currently have 558 students enrolled in our program from elementary through high school. An additional 104 are  enrolled in technical, university and graduate school programs
  • The program at our center provides social services, school uniforms, school inscription fees, tuition, school supplies, a meals program, tutoring, a computer lab, library, some medical and dental services, and much, much more
  • All this is made possible by the generosity of our donors and sponsors


Our team

  •  In the United States, our board is a dedicated team of volunteers focused on supporting and providing funding to our Center in Oaxaca allowing it to serve as many children as possible.  
  • In Oaxaca our small dedicated staff is supported by volunteers from around the world. Together they operate our center that provides continual services to the more than 690 children we serve.


We are a wise investment

 At Oaxaca Streetchildren Grassroots we are focused on accountability and transparency. Our administrative costs are extraordinarily low and our strong  commitment to our mission is reflected in our Platinum status with Guidestar.